Proffesional Office Manager – practical methods of coordinating the office

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Proffesional Office Manager – practical methods of coordinating the office

20 04 2020 - 21 04 2020 - Poznań
23 04 2020 - 24 04 2020 - Wrocław
21 05 2020 - 22 05 2020 - Warszawa
25 05 2020 - 26 05 2020 - Poznań
04 06 2020 - 05 06 2020 - Wrocław

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Office coordination requires numerous of professional, practical, interpersonal and communication skills. Office Manager is responsible for planning, organizing and controlling administration processes and also for the company’s image. Main responsibilities of Office Manager are: negotiations with contractors, choosing service providers and subcontractors, creating and controlling budgets, creating procedures, designing administration processes and solutions and last but not least managing the administration team.
Even though, the character of work of Office Manager is hugely diversified, taking into account the profile and how companies’ processes are organized, in which one works, all are responsible for keeping an efficient and effective Office. Main competences, which are essential in the work of Office Manager are solving problems, decision taking, assertiveness, flexibility, accuracy, ability to work under pressure and team management skills.
We present a program, which in a practical way illustrates various fields of managing the Office, covers the latest methods, tools and available solutions that can optimize the work of people responsible for the whole administration of the.

Training goals

Acquiring practical skills in the field of effective Office management, in particular getting to know the latest methods, tools, and available solutions optimizing work in the Office and its costs.

Training addressees

Office managers, head of offices, head and administration specialists, head of secretary departments, people responsible for office work coordination.


Business Academy Trainer – an expert having nearly 10 years of experience on a position of Office Manager, Manager of Administration, Director of Finance and Administration in a big polish capital group. Conducted numerous projects in accordance with the PMI standard. Gone through all carrier levels in terms of administration and Office management. During training sessions focuses on the practical aspects of Office Manager’s work. Currently, working on the position of Director of Administration, proxy and shareholder. Graduate of English Philology (Master’s degree) and International Relations (Bachelor’s degree) at the Opole University, Controlling (post-graduate) at the University of Economics in Wrocław and finally The School of Project Management on WSB Wrocław. Have led numerous marketing and event projects (client events, international trade fairs, conferences). Currently, responsible for marketing, promotion and HR departments. Passionate about self-development and family. Eager to share his knowledge with co-workers.

Training Program

1. Professional Office Manager – introduction:
• Standard scope of responsibilities -– is there any?
• Who Office Manger works with and in what fields?
• What are the most common goals that are being set to Office Managers by the board
• Possible paths of development and promotion in the organization’s hierarchy

2. Effectiveness in the work of Office Manager:
• Stocktaking, arranging cataloguing documents
• Using the 5S method in administration work and its added value
• New technologies – what tools can help and support the work of the administration department

3. Company’s documentation:
• Types of internal and external documentation
• Document and information workflow
• Legal liability
• Personal data protection

4. Contractual documentation:
• Who should have access to company’s contracts and to what extent.
• What is confidential information of the company?
• Contractual samples – when and if worth using them?
• How to read agreements?
• When to sign a contract and when a form or an order is enough
• What are the key elements of a contract
• Payment terms – 7, 14 or maybe 30 days?
• Storing of company contracts.

5. Procedures and regulations in the administration department:
• Types of procedures and regulations
• How to prepare a procedure?
• How to communicate changes?
• Practical examples

6. External suppliers in Office administration:
• Types of suppliers
• Cost optimization – how to do it effectively?
• Centralization of purchasing – when and if worth applying?
• Contracts with suppliers
• Building positive relations with suppliers and subcontractors – why it is so important?

7. Planning of administration budget:
• How to plan a budget?
• What are the key elements of a budget?
• How to control operating costs?

8. Basics of procurement on an organization:
• Explanation of the term „procurement”
• Request for quotation – how to prepare a proper one and what information should it contain?
• Selection criteria
• How to choose and offer
• Negotiations of trade terms
• Practical examples of purchasing process

9. Changing company’s headquarters – practical aspects of a project:
• How to prepare for the project?
• Stages of the project
• How to create and what should be included in the project timetable?
• Is one project timetable enough?
• Who should be included in the project team and to what extent?
• The role of consulting companies during the project
• How to prepare the budget for „new offices”?
• Choosing the right location – what assumptions to make?
• Developers offers analysis
• Negotiations of Office space lease contracts
• Creating space plans and cooperating with architects
• How to prepare the company and employees for changing the headquarters

10. Managing of Office space and cooperating with the administrator of a building:
• The scope of cooperation with the administrator of the property
• Explanation of terms: Property Manager and Facility Manager
• Property regulations – what information does it contain?
• What is the breakdown structure of the budget of rent.

11. Organization of company events, business meetings and trainings:
• Different kinds of events – how to prepare oneself for organization of company and business meetings?
• Cooperation with event companies – is it worth using their services?
• How to prepare an event brief?
• Cooperation with hotels, negotiating the conditions – the most important aspects concerning hotels in terms of accommodation, food services and conference rooms and.
• Logistics during organization of company events.
• Invitations
• Is it worth creating one agenda for one meeting?
• The role of Office Manager in organizing and during the event

12. Visual identification of the company:
• What is it and what does it contain?
• Does every company should have its own visual identification?
• Visual identification in company everyday life?
• Practical examples

Organizational information

Costs of participation: One person –  1490 zł + 23% VAT

We kindly ask for payment after receiving written confirmation and write in the title of payment the code of training.
VAT is not included if the training is financed by 70% or more by public funds.

The price includes: participation in classes, training materials, coffee brakes, lunch, certificate of finishing the course.

Hours: 10:00 – 16:30

Warsaw – own training class in the MDDP Academy or conference centres in given cities.

Agata Boniakowska
tel. 22 208 28 36, fax (022) 211 20 90


20 04 2020 - 21 04 2020 - Poznań
23 04 2020 - 24 04 2020 - Wrocław
21 05 2020 - 22 05 2020 - Warszawa
25 05 2020 - 26 05 2020 - Poznań
04 06 2020 - 05 06 2020 - Wrocław

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